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Citizen-generated evidence

Mark van Luyk, BrandOutLoud

If communities can generate evidence themselves, they may be more effective in lobbying and advocating for their priorities, and less dependent on others to set the agenda. Local food systems are documented and analysed through participatory processes, and opportunities for food system reform are identified in local and national government policies. Evidence is generated and shared with key stakeholders, the media and policymakers to influence food policy debates.

Food diaries

One way of finding information on behaviour such as dietary choice is through food diaries, or keeping a record of all foods and beverages consumed for a specified period (usually one to seven days). SD4All partners have introduced the concept of food diaries in Kabarole, Uganda and Bandung, Indonesia. Results in Uganda showed that farming households are relying increasingly on the market rather than their own farms for their food. In Indonesia, food diaries kept by young women factory workers showed the importance of informal food vendors in meeting nutrition needs. Reports will be published shortly.