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Our international advocacy efforts connect national advocacy agendas in Bolivia, Indonesia, Uganda and Zambia to global policy forums that improve diets, tackle malnutrition, and address the need for sustainable consumption and production.  We seek to engage with national and international decision makers via multi-stakeholder collaboration, to create policy environments that accelerate the shift to more sustainable food systems, and facilitate the promotion and uptake of sustainable diets for all.

We believe that a systems approach to agriculture and food is needed to address the adverse effects of current production and consumption patterns on human and planetary health. Hivos co-leads the United Nations Sustainable Food Systems Programme under its 10-year framework of programs on sustainable consumption and production patterns (10YFP). In the 10YFP, we contribute to reshaping the international debate on food beyond food security, advocating for more inclusive and participatory food policy making. At the European level, we work with Alliance 2015.

Additionally, we are part of the following networks:

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