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Salim Dawood
  • Consumers are key: reframing the mindset in Zambia


    Jane Zulu of CUTS Lusaka talks about her work with the Zambian government to create a food system where both agricultural production and diets are diverse, highlighting these issues on a global stage. For Jane, the consumer is key – and from a consumer perspective, it’s all about changing mindsets.

  • Q&A: Encouraging the availability of healthy and diverse foods for students


    Siti Latifah used to feel proud that she could buy her children snacks and instant foods, but she came to realize that this wasn’t healthy and it was her responsibility to teach them good eating habits. Now, as a teacher, she has pioneered the development of a healthy canteen that provides nutritious snacks for children and encourages them to develop healthy food consumption patterns from an early age.

  • The Ugandan Diet: Food Voices and Choices


    The Sustainable Diets for All program in Uganda curated a photo exhibition exploring the Ugandan diet. These food voices identify education and training about the importance and nutritional value of indigenous and traditional foods as essential to positively transforming the food system in Uganda.

  • The Kenyan Diet: Food Voices and Choices


    To coincide with World Food Day on 16 October, the Sustainable Diets for All program in Kenya curated a photo exhibition exploring the Kenyan diet. This selection of photos and accompanying testimonies shares these stories of local food knowledge and wisdom.

  • Harnessing the potential of Zambia’s informal food sector


    A new report supported by IIED and Hivos explores how harnessing the potential that lies within the informal food sector and integrating it into urban policy planning could help Zambia meet SDG 2 ‘zero hunger’ and improve the diets of people across all income groups.

  • Q&A: Promoting healthy diets from the bottom up in Uganda


    Q&A: Promoting healthy diets from the bottom up in Uganda October 16, 2019 Mathias Kigongo is the Chairperson of Buikwe District in Central Uganda. The political head of the district, Mr. Kigongo is also a practicing farmer. He is well aware of the challenges people in Buikwe face in diversifying what they grow and what […]

  • Dietary indicators need overhauling, food diary study finds


    A forthcoming SD4ALL study conducted with Tanoker and University of Jember found that almost 4 in 10 children aged 5–18 have insufficiently diverse diets. The study used seven-day, self-administered food diaries to assess the diets of 97 households, measuring dietary diversity by counting the number of food groups individuals consumed.

  • Full kitchen, full heart


    The women of the Bolivia Food Change Lab initiated a campaign to shift values and cultural norms around cooking. "Cocina llena, corazon contento", or "Full kitchen, full heart", shines a light on all the work women do to feed their families and uses various activities to engage families and communities in the process of planning and preparing food.

  • Healthy Diets Week Twitter chat


    IIED is inviting researchers, policymakers, practitioners and grassroots organisations to participate in an online conversation on Thursday, 10 October 2019 about healthy diets and transforming food systems through citizen engagement.

  • Hope for reaching ‘Beyond Maize’ in Zambia


    The Zambia Food Change Lab is a 'beacon of hope' for moving the country 'beyond maize'. Frank Mechielsen reports back from the Zambia Food Change Lab event, where the Sustainable Diets for All program took stock of the Lab and and lessons learned that will ensure continued transformation of the Zambian food system.