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Harnessing Citizen Voices to Advocate for a More Diverse, Healthy, Fair and Green Food System

Sven Torfinn

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  • Food Systems Need to Shift

    The world is producing more food than ever before, yet the current food system is unequal. Food systems need to shift from just producing food to providing sustainable and healthy diets for all – addressing all parts of the food system from production and processing, to trade, retailing and consumption. The Sustainable Diets for All (SD4ALL) programme improves access to sustainable, diverse and nutritious food for low-income communities in five focal countries. Learn more

    “Healthy food is a top priority, not a peripheral one; so it is important that we ensure the availability of healthy food for everyone to access it.” – Farha Ciciek, Tanoker Foundation

    We need a radical, system-wide, rethink of food production and consumption, recognising the health of both people and ecosystems as the basic foundations for human wellbeing

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