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Hivos and IIED are proud to collaborate with Climate Tracker on a Sustainable Food Media Fellowship. Together, we have launched a series of multilingual, online, open competitions to seek out 20 great storytellers from across five countries: Bolivia, Indonesia, Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia. Over a 12 week period of learning, research, collaborative mentoring and reporting, the selected candidates will be supported to produce powerful stories, published in their national media. Climate Tracker will link up a number of storytellers to be republished in regional and international media.

The Fellowship

Selected journalists will complete a custom-designed, four week ‘Fundamentals in reporting on food issues’ online course, focusing on both thematic topics and writing skills. The course will ensure that every writer goes into the investigative story period with a clear understanding of the topic and how to begin researching and writing about it.

Following the course, each fellow will be given eight weeks to complete an investigative writing grant. This eight week mentoring period will aim to give the candidates an individual and collaborative experience to help them develop professionally. Climate Tracker mentors will link candidates to thematic experts to help them with their research, story development and editorial. The fellowship will result in 20 investigative stories, published across English, Spanish, and Bahasa, focusing on key challenges, innovations or solutions on one of the following themes:

  • Food and nutrition security in the context of COVID-19
  • The nexus of climate change and its impact on agriculture
  • Agriculture and its environmental footprint

About Climate Tracker

Climate Tracker supports the next generation of climate journalists. They have a history of delivering cutting edge training and innovative media campaigns, having inspired, trained and mentored over 8000 climate journalists around the world.

The Sustainable Food Media Fellowship builds on the previous successful collaboration between Climate Tracker and the Hivos Green and Inclusive Energy programme, another programme within the Strategic Partnership of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whereby they trained editors and journalists in Zimbabwe and Malawi in 2017 and 2019.